ICP® EMA4X36DAL Type A Deluxe Uncased Evaporator Coil, 3 ton, 36000 Btu/hr Cooling, 1350 cfm, Environmentally Sound R-410A, Import

  • Cooling Capacity: 36,000 Btu/hr
  • Domestic / Import: Import
  • Enclosure Type: Uncased
  • Flow Rate: 1350 cfm
  • Nominal Capacity: 3 ton
  • Refrigerant Type: R-410A
  • Series: EMA4X
  • Type: Type A
  • Air Flow Type: Downflow
  • Dimensions: 17-7/8 in W x 19-9/16 in D x 14-11/16 in H
  • Liquid Line Size: 3/8 in C
  • Manufacturer: International Comfort Products
  • Manufacturer #: EMA4X36DAL
  • Metering Device: TXV
  • Suction Line Size: 3/4 in C
  • Tubing Material: Aluminum
This product is branded as Comfortmaker or Tempstar—you will receive the brand that is tied to your dealership. Parts are generic across all ICP brands and Carrier Corporation products.

ICP® Evaporator Coil, Type A Deluxe Uncased, Series: EMA4X, 3 ton Nominal Capacity, 36000 Btu/hr Cooling, 1350 cfm, Downflow Air Flow Type, Environmentally Sound R-410A, TXV Metering Device, 3/8 in C Liquid Line, 3/4 in C Suction Line, Aluminum Tube, 17-7/8 in W x 19-9/16 in D x 14-11/16 in H, Import
  • Features
  • Designed for mobile home downflow gas furnaces
  • Bolt-on TXV metering device factory installed (equalizer tube brazed in)
  • (2) Condensate drain connections
  • N" evaporator design to keep height at a minimum
  • Aluminum tube/aluminum fin "A" coil with latest high-tech fin design