0122798 LF909, LF909-NRS-S-FDA Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly, Cast Copper Silicon Alloy Body

  • Ball Valve / Gate Valve Type: Resilient Seated Gate Valve
  • Body Material: Cast Copper Silicon Alloy
  • Domestic / Import: Domestic
  • Nominal Size: 6 in
  • Dimensions: 65-1/2 in L
  • Finish: Epoxy Coated
  • Manufacturer: Watts Water Technologies
  • Manufacturer #: 0122798
  • Pressure Rating: 175 psi
  • Series: LF909
  • Temperature Rating: 33 to 110 degF
Series LF909 Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies are designed to provide cross-connection control protection of the potable water supply in accordance with national plumbing codes. This series can be utilized in a variety of installations, including health hazard cross connections in plumbing systems or for containment at the service line entrance. With its exclusive relief valve design incorporating the "air-in/water-out" principle, it provides substantially improved relief valve discharge performance during the emergency conditions of combined backsiphonage and backpressure with both checks fouled. The LF909 features Lead Free construction to comply with Lead Free installation requirements.

WATTS® Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly, Series: LF909, 6 in Nominal, 175 psi, 33 to 110 deg F, Resilient Seated Gate Valve Ball Valve/Gate Valve, Cast Copper Silicon Alloy Body, Epoxy Coated, 65-1/2 in L, Domestic
  • Features
  • Includes
  • Replaceable seats
  • Stainless steel internal parts
  • Captured spring assemblies for safety
  • Fused epoxy coated and lined checks
  • Industrial strength sensing hose
  • Field reversible relief valve
  • Air-in/water-out relief valve design provides maximum capacity during emergency conditions
  • The wetted surface of this product contacted by consumable water contains less than 0.25% of lead by weight
  • Non-rising stem resilient seated gate valve
(2) Tightly Closing Shut-Off Valves, Test Cocks and FDA Epoxy Coated Bronze Strainer