Smart Plumbing Products Continue to Evolve

If you have attended any of the recent industry tradeshows you know the big trend was smart/connected products. New smart products come to market every day – and the technology is rapidly evolving. More and more new products and technologies are being developed at start-ups and established brands. But do we know how to use these smart products in smart ways? Training will be essential to understanding how to use and implement these products for our customers.


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What is Flo by Moen?

  • Smart water supply monitoring and leak detection system that learns your home’s typical water habits and can help prevent water leaks, damage and waste
  • Can be set to offer a simple automatic water shutoff when a leak is detected
  • Helps secure your home from damage and leaks with the ability to control your home’s water from your smartphone

Never Miss a Drip with Flo by Moen -

Watch how Flo by Moen works by clicking the video above

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