Managing Your Customers During the Busiest of Times

Having too much work is the best kind of problem to have, but those busy seasons require some effort and planning to keep customers happy.

There are many hurdles that a contractor faces in this industry, or any service industry. One of the more perplexing issues that comes up at some point in the year is the double-edged sword of the backlog. What a great problem to have – the company is so booked with business that there is a backup of work to get done. But there is also nothing more frustrating than to have to tell your customer their work can’t be completed at this time. You spend so much time assuring customers of their status and priority only to disassemble that relationship by saying, “I can’t get to the work right now.”

How do you move forward in these times? The temptation is to stop visiting customers, stop making cold calls, and stop looking for business until the time comes that your crews are available again. But there are several things one can do while in the midst of a backlog period to even out business and continue building relationships.


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