Accor® FlowTite® 4ALL® F PO5CP12-7 (XF) Toilet Supply Stop Kit, White

  • Color: White
  • Length: 12 in
  • Manufacturer: Accor Technology
  • Manufacturer #: F PO5CP12-7 (XF)
FlowTite® 4ALL® angle stop 1/2" nom. with attached PVC or Braided High Performance Connector x 7/8" ballcock nut with escutcheon.

Accor® FlowTite® 4ALL® Toilet Supply Stop Kit, 12 in Length
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  • For PEX, copper, CPVC
1/2 in Lead Free One Piece White FlowTite® 4ALL® Angle Stop Valve with Attached PVC or Braided High Performance™ Connector x 7/8 in Ballcock Nut with Escutcheon