A.Y. McDonald 5182-098, 74761Q 1 1/2 1/4 Bend, 1-1/2" Nominal, Q CTS Compression End Style, Brass

AYM74761QJ MFG #: 5182-098
  • Domestic / Import: Domestic
  • End Style: Q CTS Compression
  • Fitting / Connector Type: 90 deg Elbow
  • Nominal Size: 1-1/2 in
  • Manufacturer: A.Y. McDonald
  • Manufacturer #: 5182-098
  • Material: BRASS
A.Y. McDonald Service Fittings are manufactured to meet or exceed the AWWA C800 (latest revision) standard. Our service fittings are rated to withstand the same pressures as the tubing they are designed to fit. They are designed and tested for cold potable water only. EPDM rubber gaskets are used in our Compression fittings.

A.Y. McDonald 5182-098 1/4 Bend, Fitting/Connector Type: 90 deg Elbow, 1-1/2 in Nominal, Q CTS Compression, Brass, Domestic
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  • Brass components in contact with potable water conform to ASTM B584, UNS C89833 (latest revision) and identified with "NL"
  • Brass components not in contact with potable water conform to ASTM B62 and ASTM B584, UNS C83600-85-5-5-5 (latest revision)
  • Large wrench flats provided for proper installation
  • Insert stiffeners are required on all flexible plastic connections