1/2x3/8 FXP Reducing Coupling Copper Refrigeration Press Fitting CB-MPA5243

CBMPA52430040301 MFG #: MPA5243-0040301
  • End Style: F x P
  • Fitting / Connector Type: Reducing Coupling
  • Manufacturer: Conex Banninger
  • Manufacturer #: MPA5243-0040301
  • Material: Copper
  • Nominal Size: 1/2 x 3/8 in
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An innovative press system which is quick and simple to install providing a secure and permanent joint

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  • Press fittings for ACR Applications to 700 PSI, UL 207 (Not for use with Potable Water)
  • 3-point press design– one press each side of the bead, and one press compressing the O-ring
  • Lead-in edge design aids installation and helps protect the O-ring from damage or displacement
  • Suitable for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications up to 48 bar.
  • Flame-free installation avoids the need for a fire permit and the risk of fire on site.
  • Mechanical joint eliminates the need for nitrogen purge during the jointing process.
  • UL Certified Recognized Component.
  • A high-quality HNBR O-ring forms a secure leak-free joint when pressed
  • Lead-in edge design aids tube insertion and helps protect the O-ring from damage or displacement
  • Fittings are marked >B< MaxiPro and identified with a pink mark indicating their suitability for high-pressure air conditioning and refrigeration applications
  • Light compact tooling provides easy access to tightly spaced tube runs