Honeywell BSV-101-WC10-LF/U Buoy® Whole Home Water Controller

  • BatteryType: Lithium Ion
  • Height: 13 in
  • Length: 6-1/2 in
  • Manufacturer #: BSV-101-WC10-LF
  • Pressure Rating: 400 to 100 psi
  • Width: 6-1/2 in
Buoy Whole Home Water Controller is the smart connected-home device that helps homeowners track and manage their water usage. Using the app, homeowners can shut off their water from anywhere, and see how and where they use water inside and outside their home. Welcome to the next wave of smart-home devices, ready for you and the homeowners you service.

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  • Categorizes water with up-to-the-minute water usage data for their entire home
  • Sends leak and abnormal water usage notifications to your customer’s phone
  • Shuts off water remotely or automatically to prevent damage
  • Water bill savings for non-damaging leaks, such as running toilets
  • Get actionable insights from categorized water use
  • Alerts and monitoring on Buoy app on phone or tablet with Android 4.4+ or iOS 8+
  • Can be plugged in or battery operated (Lithium-ion removable battery)
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Meter coupling adaptors (included) 1" NPS to 3/4" NPT