IQ1001 iQ Series Tankless Gas Water Heater, Natural Gas/Liquid Propane, 1001K BTU/hr

ITHIQ1001 MFG #: IQ1001
  • Flow Rate: 41.6 gpm
  • Fuel Type: Liquid Propane / Natural Gas
  • Vent Type: Direct
  • Dimensions: 67.7 in H x 44.3 in D x 30 in W
  • Manufacturer: Intellihot Inc
  • Manufacturer #: IQ1001
  • Pressure Rating: 30 to 160 psi
  • Series: iQ Series
  • Temperature Rating: 190 degF
  • Voltage Rating: 120 V
The iQ Series floor-standing units deliver the highest capacity in the industry – up to 3 million BTUs – with no storage tanks required. Designed for very large volume, commercial applications, these high input units slash capital costs by up to 50%,and decrease operational costs by up to 40%, when compared to traditional tank-type systems.

  • Features
  • Eliminate Mixing Valves & Lower Legionella Risks –With no storage tanks, there’s a lower risk for Legionella growth. By eliminating the need for mixing valves, this feature also reduces their associated unreliability and costs.
  • Competitive Turndown Ratio – With an industry leading turndown ratio, 33:1 for iQ1001, our units provide unparalleled gas savings.
  • Compact Unit -Featuring a 30″ width and a 1025 lb. weight, iQ floor units fit through elevator doors and are ideal where space is at a premium.
  • Common Venting Capabilities
  • ASME-HLW Compliant
  • Factory Supplied Strainer –Units deliver debris-free inlet water to the system.