A678 SRK Spill Response Kit with Liqui Bond for up to 14 gal Spill

  • Container Size: 6 gal
  • Container Type: Bucket
  • Fluids Absorbed: Contaminated Water
  • Manufacturer: nochar
  • Manufacturer #: A678 SRK
  • Suitable For Use With: Non-Petroleum Based Spills
Spill Response Kit Liqui Bond is designed to stabilize, bond, absorb and containerize non-petroleum based or contaminated water spills of up to 14 gallons/53 liters. The A678 SRK utilizes both A600 series bonding agents and A670 stabilizing products. A678 is conveniently packaged in a U.N. approved 6-gallon plastic bucket with locking safety latch and screw lid.