H50 Forced Air Destratification Fan, 1500 cfm

REZH50 MFG #: H50
  • Flow Rate: 1500 cfm
  • Dimensions: 25 in H x 12 in D x 27 in W
  • Fan Diameter: 16 in
  • Manufacturer: Renzor
  • Manufacturer #: H50
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling
  • Recommended Ceiling Height: 25 to 50 ft
  • Series: Huracan
  • Voltage Rating: 115, 208, 230, 240, and 277 V
Reznor ® Huracan™ destratification fans are available in 4 sizes to support commercial and industrial spaces up to 60 feet in height. Huracan fans move warm air from the upper reaches of the space back to the floor using minimal energy improving overall building energy efficiency and occupant comfort. During heating season, this action minimizes the amount and cost of heat needed to satisfy occupant comfort or product safety by eliminating the natural stratification that occurs and directing heat already provided to the space back to lower levels. Dripping water and puddles on the floor caused by sweating at the roof can also be eliminated when that warm, humid air is mixed with the cooler, dry air near the floor. Huracan fans can reduce cooling load as well by providing a consistent yet gentle air flow during the heat of summer or warmer days during spring and fall. Integrated louvers and directional brackets enable directed airflow in unusual geometry spaces or around features that block airflow such as warehouse shelving.

Reznor Huracan destratification fans offer a sleek design sure to compliment any space. Huracan fans features a two-tone black and white coated, scratch-resistant paint scheme. Each unit has clean, rounded corners and edges with no visible screws or fasteners which enhances installer safety while providing superior appearance. The Huracan series physically match appearance and complement the full portfolio of Reznor heating products. They can be controlled independently or together with the gas, hydronic or electric unit heaters for optimized space temperature control. Every Huracan fan provides the same superior performance and reliability that Reznor customers have relied on for more than 100 years.

  • Features
  • Reduces heat load and building energy efficiency by distributing existing space heat to all levels including the floor that is occupied
  • Provide cooling air movement improving occupant comfort
  • Suitable for use in spaces with 10 to 60 feet of height to effectively drive air to the floor
  • Available in 5 common lighting voltages from 115V to 277V for ease in installation and reduced wiring costs
  • Easy hanging using provided brackets for field-provided threaded downrods
  • Hard-mounting for improved safety compared to wire rope hung models
  • Integrated louvers to direct air to improve destratification and occupant comfort
  • Directional hanging brackets add multi-dimensional air direction control to optimize space air movement
  • External 24V control wiring terminal strip for quick connection to thermostat
  • Integrated control opportunities with Reznor unit heaters to optimize building efficiency