First inStock

Stock your shop with First Supply!

Our new scannable label program uses QR inventory tags that work with the First Supply mobile app and your smartphone.

First inStock users get

  • FREE preprinted inventory/shelf tags
  • Scan-and-go ordering convenience
  • A new way to monitor usage & maintain inventory
First inStock Label

Here’s how it works

The First Supply mobile app has a built-in scanner – when you see that stock of a product is running low, scan the First inStock inventory tag with your smartphone. This will open the product tied to the QR code in the First Supply app. From there you can quickly enter a quantity and reorder that product.

Getting started is easy

  1. Contact your First Supply sales rep or local branch.
  2. Provide a list of your frequently ordered items.
  3. We’ll print shelf labels and deliver them to your location.
  4. Attach the labels & scan when it’s time to reorder.
First inStock Quick Order

First inStock FAQs

What is First inStock?

This scannable label system uses QR inventory tags that work with the First Supply mobile app and a smartphone.

First inStock Label and Quick Order

What do I need to get started?

You’ll need a First Supply web account, a smartphone and the First Supply mobile app (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store).

App Store Google Play

How do I scan a label?

From the First Supply app, 1. Tap the Quick Order link in the link list or, 2. Tap the Search icon in the bottom row. Next, tap the barcode icon in the upper right corner which will open your phone’s camera/scanner feature. Then, position the QR code inside the white outline on your screen to scan a label.

Quick Order label scanning
Search label scanning
How could First inStock benefit me?

Printed inventory tags help organize inventory and make it easier to reorder.

Who can get First inStock?

First inStock is available to any First Supply customer with a web account and a smart phone.

Which products will get labels?

It depends on your usage. Frequently used items are a good candidate, but ultimately, you decide what gets labeled.