Brand Guidelines

Resource for the company names, logos, fonts, colors and trademark information for the First Companies family of brands.


First Companies

First Companies is the communicative name for the collective brands of First Supply, First Waterworks, Gerhard's Kitchen, Bath & Lighting Store, and Kohler Signature Store by First Supply.

First Supply

First Supply is the communicative name for the distribution division.

First Supply LLC

First Supply LLC is the legal name for the company. This name will be used on all legal documents, forms and stationery items. The legal name will be listed as shown, WITHOUT any comma separation.

First Waterworks

Brand name for the Waterworks division.

Gerhard's Kitchen & Bath Store
Gerhard's Kitchen, Bath & Lighting Store
Kohler Signature Store by First Supply

Brand names for the Kitchen and Bath Stores division.




First Companies Logo

First Companies

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First Supply Logo

First Supply

The First Supply Logo is based on a typeface and has been modified to identify the First Supply company. The Registered Trademark symbol ® must be shown with the Logo. The Logo can be used alone or with the Market Segments listing [see below]. 

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First Supply Logo Plus

First Supply Plus

The Logo may be used with the five Market Segments listed under the mark: HVAC, Plumbing, Waterworks, Industrial PVF and Well & Septic. 

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First Icon

First Supply Icon

The First Icon is a design element to be used as an alternative to the First Supply Logo. Prior approval for its use is required with the First Supply Marketing Department.

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First Waterworks Logo

First Waterworks

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Gerhard's Kitchen, Bath & Lighting Store Logo

Gerhard's Kitchen Bath & Lighting

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Kohler Signature Store by First Supply Logo

Kohler Signature Store

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World of Opportunity Logo


First Companies World of Opportunnity (WOO) logo. Logo color may be changed to match the branding of a program experience. Prior approval for its use is required with the First Supply Marketing Department.

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Open Sans (Website)

Open Sans

Helvetica Neue LT Pro (Print)

The alternative font is Helvetica Neue LT Pro or Arial, should Open Sans not be available to the user.




First Supply

There are three main colors in the First Supply identity system: Red, Black and White with Gray being an accent color. The First Supply Logotype should be used in either Red or Black. When limited to one color, these elements should appear in Black unless an individual color is the standard throughout the printed piece. White is an alternative color for the Logotype,

  • Red: Pantone 185 / RGB: 234, 0, 41 / Web: #EA0029
  • Black: 100% K
  • Gray: Pantone 425 or 80%, 60%, 40% of Black or other percentages per design


First Waterworks

Red is the main colors in the First Waterworks identity system. Black and White are alternative colors for the Logo.

  • Red: Pantone 185 / RGB: 234, 0, 41 / Web: #EA0029
  • Black: 100% K



Red and Gray are the main colors for the Gerhard's identity system. Varying shades of Gray may be used to show contrast in type, objects, lines, backgrounds or other graphic elements.

  • Red: Pantone 185
  • Gray: Pantone 425


Kohler Signature Store

Blue and Black are the main colors for the Kohler identity system. 

  • Blue: Pantone 5395
  • Black: 100% K





First Supply

First Supply logo (Reg. No. 5,672,936) – Feb 12, 2019

First used in commerce: 1/1/05

Wholesale and retail store services featuring pipe, valves, pipe fittings, pipe hangers, fasteners, pump equipment, pump supplies, pump accessories, sump pumps, well equipment, well supplies, well accessories, soil pipe, well fittings, drains, solar products, geothermal products, heating equipment, ventilation products, air conditioning equipment, water heaters, water coolers, water softeners, water filtration systems, garbage disposers, refrigeration equipment, industrial plumbing products, waterworks products, irrigation products, plumbing equipment, plumbing fixtures, vanities, vanity countertops, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, flooring, wall coverings, chemicals, cleaning supplies, power tools, and hand tools.

First Supply

Gerhard’s G-Mark logo (Reg. No. 4,106,865) – May 13, 2021

First used in commerce: 12/8/11

Retail store and on-line retail store services featuring plumbing, fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, bath tubs, shower doors, showerheads, faucets, sinks, whirlpools, soaker tubs, saunas, toilets, toilet seats, bidets, garbage disposals, hot water dispensers, central vacuum systems, water heaters, tankless water heaters, and exhaust fans.