Pro PERKS Loyalty Program with First Supply


The Resideo Pro PERKS Loyalty Program is a tier-based program that offers an expansive suite of benefits to you and your company. The benefits available to you are determined by your tier. The higher the tier, the more benefits you earn.

Why be part of Resideo Pro PERKS?

The Resideo Pro PERKS Loyalty Program offers your company the ability to earn even more with every dollar spent on Resideo products along with a collection of benefits that can help you grow your business. Become a member today at

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Sign in to your Resideo Pro account and complete your company profile at



Select the "Enroll" button on your Pro account dashboard to finish signing up.


What you need to know

How do I earn points?
As a member, you'll earn two points for every dollar spent on qualifying Resideo and Honeywell Home product purchases. For example, a $1000 qualifying purchase equals 2,000 Pro PERKS points. Members start earning points on invoices starting from the month they enroll in the Pro PERKS program.

Which products are eligible?
Over 6,000 Resideo and Honeywell Home products are eligible to receive points. Resideo is constantly adding the latest and greatest products to ensure that you’re rewarded for purchasing and supporting our entire portfolio of products and solutions. The following product categories are eligible:

  • Thermostats and Residential Home Comfort Products
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Residential Combustion Controls
  • Hydronic Heating
  • Potable Water
  • Genesis Cable

Resideo Product Certificates
Product certificates can be redeemed for Resideo products at First Supply or other qualifying Resideo distributors. Product certificates can be bought (with points) in increments of $50 and are eligible for use towards the product subtotal amount. Taxes, shipping, and handling fees are ineligible.

How do I submit my purchases?
First Supply must submit your purchases on your behalf to Resideo. Resideo does not allow Contractors to self-report. Pro PERKS members will need to contact their distributors to confirm they are reporting this data to Resideo.

Mid-Year Registration
Customers may register for the program at any point throughout the year. Once registered, you will be placed into the tier you qualify for based on four criterias using the previous year’s sales history as reported by First Supply. Your tier status will remain in effect until the following year when your account is re-tiered (accounts are tiered on an annual basis). Unfortunately, if no historical sales data is available for us to use to tier your account, then your account will be tiered as “Member” for the rest of that year.

Points Expiration Policy
All points will expire on a rolling 12-month bases, determined from the date of deposit into your account. Example: Points awarded February 17, will expire at midnight on February 17 of the following year.

Visit for complete details on this program.