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Redeem Pro PERKS with First Supply


Ready to redeem Resideo Pro PERKS?

Please follow the steps below to process your Pro PERKS 'Product Certificate' with First Supply.

  1. Login to your Resideo Pro PERKS account and download certificate showing the amount of funds earned.
    • Click the 'PERKS' Tab at the top of the page
    • Click 'Redeem Points' link
    • Choose 'Product Certificate' (certificate example)
    • Enter Quantity # (Quantity 1 = $50) and click the 'Order' button
    • Upon checkout, your Product Certificate will be emailed to you and once printed, is available for use.
      • Common quantities and corresponding values: 5,000 points = $50 or (1 QTY)  |  10,000 points = $100 or (2 QTY)  |  50,000 points = $500 or (10 QTY)
  2. Contact your First Supply Sales Rep and place a Resideo / Honeywell Home order for at least the amount shown on your Resideo certificate. Note: There is no cash value, and no return of unused points/dollars. 
  3. Once your order with First Supply ships to your company, your Sales Rep will process your certificate for the funds equaling the amount spent with First Supply. An email will be sent to you notifying this step has occured and a First Supply Reference # (PERKS-#) will be tied to this claim.
  4. Once Resideo has allocated the funds to First Supply, First Supply will issue a Credit Memo in the amount of the certificate to your account.
  5. You can track the progress of your Account Credit below by locating the First Supply Reference # tied to your Pro PERKS claim.