6 Helpful Apps for HVAC Contractors

6 Helpful Apps for HVAC Contractors

By: First Supply

Smart phones and tablets have become essential tools for HVAC system service technicians and heating, ventilation and air conditioning business owners. Aside from the obvious ability to make phone calls and send messages, mobile devices can be customized with add-on applications (apps) available for iOS and Android devices. Unlike expensive software platforms, smartphone apps are available for little or no cost.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Apps are available to help track time, organize customer information, provide technical support and increase productivity. We’ve provided a sampling of our favorite HVAC smartphone apps below.

BTU Calculator

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BTU Calculator (iOS) – This app uses a simple calculation method to estimate the cooling capacity you’ll need to maintain a temperature of 24°C with a humidity level of between 30 and 50 percent. It is calibrated for regions that have a climate which ranges from temperate to continental.


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HyTools (iOS and Android) – HyTools is an app packed with hydronic calculation tools. Optimizing complex hydronic heating systems has never been faster or easier. You now have all the balancing, pressurization and radiator control tools you need right on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch* or Android smartphone.

HVAC Buddy

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HVAC Buddy (iOS and Android) – This app makes your job easier with our refrigerant charging and diagnostic HVAC app – HVAC Buddy®. If you are servicing equipment the best way to begin diagnosis and determine the proper refrigerant charge is to use HVAC Buddy, a set of gauges, and a thermometer. The newest version lets you change from one refrigerant to another.

HVAC Check & Charge

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HVAC Check & Charge (iOS and Android) – This app from Emerson Climate Technologies provides an on-site refrigerant charge calculator for air conditioning applications. Choose a category (Subcooling, Superheat, or Airflow) and enter the specified system temperatures along with the latent and sensible environmental loads. These values are then used to determine the proper system charge and whether the charge amount needs to be altered to control energy costs based on these conditions.

HVAC Duct Sizer

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HVAC Duct Sizer (iOS and Android) – The duct sizer app gives you a way to size one HVAC duct run air return or a range of duct sizes using the constant friction method to circulate air. Works like a digital version of the classic Trane Ductulator for forced air systems. Also includes the HVAC Equipment Locator which allows you to keep track of equipment and store it in the cloud. A great tool for designing systems for residential and commercial buildings.


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iManifold (iOS and Android) – Calculates HVAC/R system performance and troubleshoots heating and air conditioning system problems based on live system data and user inputs. Can be custom tailored for many common HVAC/R systems in the field. Includes over 40 selectable refrigerants and equipment profiling options to ensure optimal temperature control and energy efficiency.

A Trusted Partner

Online information and smartphone apps are helpful, but they aren’t a substitute for experience and knowledge. We all know that HVAC stands for heating ventilation and air-conditioning but beyond that, the subject gets complicated. Instead of typing “HVAC supplies near me” into a search engine the next time you need something, check out the selection offered on FirstSupply.com. Trust First Supply for helpful information, Energy Star heating and cooling systems, air handlers, split systems, heat pumps, heat exchangers, filters to improve indoor air quality and more!