How to Make a PVC Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

How to Make a PVC Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

By: First Supply

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a major concern since March 2020 and is something we’ve all been dealing with in one way or another. Businesses have had to change the way they are providing services while safely meeting the needs of their customers. Making hand sanitizer available at the entry of your building and in other high-traffic areas is one way to cut down on transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace. This foot-operated dispenser can be assembled with relatively little effort, to provide a convenient stand for hand sanitizer anywhere it is needed. These step-by-step instructions will show you how to assemble an effective, hands-free sanitizer dispenser that’s perfect for any office, showroom, warehouse or classroom setting.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own foot-operated PVC sanitizer stand.

PVC Fittings

Cut List 3" PVC

  • (1) 7"L piece

Cut List for 1" PVC

  • (6) 2"L pieces
  • (6) 4"L pieces
  • (2) 28"L pieces
  • (1) 17-1/2"L piece

Cut List for 1/2" PVC

  • (2) 10-1/2"L pieces
  • (2) 37"L pieces

Additional Supplies



Assemble the base with (4) 1" Tees, (4) 1" Elbows, (1) 17-1/2"L, (2) 2"L, and (4) 4"L sections of 1" PVC.

Step 1



Add the base of the upright support arms with (2) 1" Elbows, (2) 1" Tees, (2) 4"L and (2) 2"L sections of 1" PVC.

Step 2



Add (2) 28”L sections of 1" PVC to the upright support base on either side. Then, add (1) 1" Tee on the top of each 28"L section.

Step 3



Next, assemble the top part of the 1/2" U with (2) 1/2" elbows, (2) 37"L and (1) 10-1/2"L piece of 1/2" PVC.

Step 4



Place the assembled U through the 1" Tees at the top of the assembled base unit. With the smaller diameter U in place, attach the remaining (2) 1/2" Elbows and (1) 10-1/2"L piece of 1/2" PVC. The 1/2" pipe should slide freely inside the 1" uprights.

Step 5



Construct the bottle holder with a 7"L piece of 3" PVC. Measure 4" up from the bottom edge and place an equidistant mark on both sides. Use a hole saw drill attachment to cut a 1-1/4" hole on both sides, using the marks you made as a center point. Then, cut the top of the pipe at a 22.5° angle using a miter box (start with your saw blade about 1" from the top of one of the holes).

Step 6



Attach the 3" end cap to the bottom and screw the male thread adapters into the holes you made and add a 2" section of PVC to each side. Screw the adapters in just far enough to hold the unit steady. If the male thread adapters go too far into the 3" tube, they will reduce the space available which will require the use a smaller bottle.

Step 7



Attach the assembled unit to the uprights. Make sure that the smaller diameter pipe still slides freely inside the 1" uprights.

Step 8



Add a bottle of hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) and you’re ready to go! To dispense sanitizer, step on the horizontal piece at the bottom of the 1/2" U. The spring tension provided by the sanitizer bottle will pop the bar back into the starting position.

Note: the completed project is shown here with a 16 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer. A smaller bottle would also work for this design. If you plan to use a larger bottle, the diameter of the bottle holder should be increased along with the length of every horizontal PVC piece.

Step 9

Watch a short video demonstrating the PVC Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in action.