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Milwaukee Yellow Jacket UEI Malco


Milwaukee 49-16-2697 M18 Press Kit(A)
18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Press Tool Kit w/ 1/2 in to 2 in Jaws Kit(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL49162496 49-16-2496 M12™ 1/2" to 1" IPS-P Press Jaw Kit
MIL49162697 49-16-2697 M18™ 1/2" to 2" Black Iron Jaw Kit (A)
MIL292222 2922-22 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Press Tool Kit w/ 1/2" to 2" Jaws Kit (B)
Milwaukee M18 FORCE LOGIC 2922-22 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Press Tool Kit(A)
Milwaukee 2473-22 M12 FORCELOGIC Press Tool Kit With Jaws(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL292222 2922-22 M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool (A)
MIL247322 2473-22 M12™ FORCE LOGIC™ Press Tool Kit With Jaws (B)
Milwaukee 2760-22 M18 FUEL SURGE Cordless Impact Driver Kit(A)
Milwaukee 2853-22 M18 FUEL Cordless Impact Driver Kit(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL299722 2997-22 M18 FUEL™ 2-Tool Kit: Hammer Drill/Impact
MIL276022 2760-22 M18 FUEL™ Surge™ 1/4" Hex Hydraulic Driver Kit (A)
MIL285322 2853-22 M18 FUEL™ 1/4" Hex Impact Driver Kit (B)
Milwaukee 2821-20 M18 FUEL SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw(A)
Milwaukee 2890-20 M18 Cordless Jobsite Radio(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL282120 2821-20 M18 FUEL™ Sawzall® Recip Saw (Tool Only) (A)
MIL277120 2771-20 M18™ Transfer Pump (Tool Only)
MIL279220 2792-20 M18™ Jobsite Radio/Charger (Tool Only)
MIL271920 2719-20 M18 FUEL™ Hackzall® (Tool Only)
MIL280420 2804-20 M18 FUEL™ 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver (Tool Only)
MIL285320 2853-20 M18 FUEL™ 1/4" Hex Impact Driver (Tool Only)
MIL283620 2836-20 M18 FUEL™ Oscillating Multi-Tool (Tool Only)
MIL289020 2890-20 M18™ Jobsite Radio (Tool Only) (B)
MIL088620 0886-20 M18™ Jobsite Fan (Tool Only)
MIL088020 0880-20 M18™ 2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum (Tool Only)
Milwaukee 2550-22 M12 Cordless Rivet Tool Kit(A)
Milwaukee 2470-21 M12 Cordless PVC Shear Kit(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL255022 2550-22 M12™ Rivet Tool Kit (A)
MIL250522 2505-22 M12 FUEL™ Installation Drill/Driver Kit
MIL247021 2470-21 M12™ Plastic Pipe Shear Kit (B)
MIL255122 2551-22 M12 FUEL™ Surge™ 1/4" Hex Hydraulic Driver Kit
MIL247121 2471-21 M12™ Cordless Lithium-Ion Copper Tubing Cutter Kit
MIL210122 2101-22 M4™ 1/4" Hex Screwdriver Kit
MIL247120 2471-20 M12™ Cordless Copper Tubing Cutter (Tool Only)
Milwaukee 2470-20 M12 Cordless Pipe Shear(A)
Milwaukee M12 2475-20 Cordless Compact Inflator(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL247020 2470-20 M12™ Plastic Pipe Shear (Tool Only) (A)
MIL252620 2526-20 M12 FUEL™ Oscillating Multi-Tool
MIL247520 2475-20 M12™ Compact Inflator (Tool Only) (B)
Milwaukee ProPEX 2632-22xc M18 Compact Cordless Expansion Tool Kit(A)
Milwaukee 2532-22 M12 FUEL ProPEX Expander Kit(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL263222XC 2632-22XC M18™ ProPEX® Expansion Tool Kit (A)
MIL253222 2532-22 M12 FUEL™ ProPEX® Expander Kit (B)
MIL253220 2532-20 M12 FUEL™ ProPEX® Expander (Tool Only)
Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE 48-32-4062 74 Piece Impact Duty Driver Bit Set(A)
Milwaukee 48-32-4006 SHOCKWAVE Drill and Drive Set(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL48324062 48-32-4062 SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty Driver Bit Set - 74 Pc (A)
MIL48324006 48-32-4006 Impact Duty Drill & Drive Set - 40 Pc (B)
Milwaukee 48-11-1852 M18 REDLITHIUM Rechargeable Cordless Battery Pack(A)
Milwaukee 48-11-2412 M12 REDLITHIUM Rechargeable Cordless Battery Pack(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL48111852 48-11-1852 M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery (2 Pack) (A)
MIL48111862 48-11-1862 M18™ REDLITHIUM™ High Output™ XC6.0 Battery Pack (2 Pack)
MIL48111880 48-11-1880 M18™ REDLITHIUM High Output™ XC8.0 Battery
MIL48111812 48-11-1812 M18 REDLITHIUM™ High Output™ HD12.0 Battery Pack
MIL48111850 48-11-1850 M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack
MIL48112412 48-11-2412 M12 REDLITHIUM™ XC Battery (2 Pack) (B)
MIL48112402 48-11-2402 M12™ XC High Capacity REDLITHIUM™ Battery
MIL48112401 48-11-2401 M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP1.5 Battery Pack
Milwaukee 48-59-1802 M18 Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger(A)
Milwaukee 48-59-2401 M12 Battery Charger(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL48591802 48-59-1802 M18™ Dual Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger (A)
MIL48591806 48-59-1806 M18™ Six Pack Sequential Charger
MIL48591808 48-59-1808 M18™ & M12™ Rapid Charger
MIL48591812 48-59-1812 M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger
MIL48592401 48-59-2401 M12™ Lithium-Ion Battery Charger (B)
Milwaukee PACKOUT 48-22-8320 Tote(A)
Milwaukee PACKOUT 48-22-8431 Low Profile Tool Organizer(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL48228320 48-22-8320 20" Tote (A)
MIL48228426 48-22-8426 Rolling Tool Box
MIL48228301 48-22-8301 Backpack
MIL295020 2950-20 M18™ Radio + Charger
MIL48228300 48-22-8300 Tech Bag
MIL48228315 48-22-8315 15" Tote
MIL48228460 48-22-8460 16 Qt Compact Cooler
MIL48228410 48-22-8410 Dolly
MIL48228425 48-22-8425 Large Tool Box
MIL48228302 48-22-8302 Cooler
MIL48228310 48-22-8310 10" Tote
MIL48228424 48-22-8424 Tool Box
MIL48228450 48-22-8450 Tool Case w/ Customizable Insert
MIL48228322 48-22-8322 Tool Bag
MIL48228422 48-22-8422 Compact Tool Box
MIL48228321 48-22-8321 15" Tool Bag
MIL48228430 48-22-8430 Organizer
MIL48228431 48-22-8431 Low-Profile Organizer (B)
MIL48228440 48-22-8440 Crate
MIL48228435 48-22-8435 Compact Organizer
MIL48228436 48-22-8436 Low-Profile Compact Organizer
Milwaukee 48-22-4215 Ratcheting Pipe Cutter(A)
Milwaukee OVERBITE JAW 48-22-7214 Pipe Wrench(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL48224215 48-22-4215 2-3/8" Ratcheting Pipe Cutter (A)
MIL48227314 48-22-7314 Cheater Adaptable Pipe Wrench
MIL48224210 48-22-4210 1-5/8" Ratcheting Pipe Cutter
MIL48224263 48-22-4263 3 Pc Close Quarters Tubing Cutter Set
MIL48227214 48-22-7214 14" Aluminum Pipe Wrench (B)
MIL48225107 48-22-5107 Compact Billet Torpedo Level
MIL48220325 48-22-0325 25 Ft Compact Wide Blade Magnetic Tape Measure
MIL48223079 48-22-3079 Comfort Grip 6 In 1 Wire Stripper/Pliers
MIL48224204 48-22-4204 1" Pex And Tubing Cutter
MIL48224251 48-22-4251 1" Mini Copper Tubing Cutter
MIL48220325 48-22-0325 25' Compact Magnetic Tape Measure
MIL48221502 48-22-1502 FASTBACK™ Folding Utility Knife w/ Blade Storage
MIL48224510 48-22-4510 Left Cutting Aviation Snips
MIL48224520 48-22-4520 Right Cutting Aviation Snips
MIL48222760 48-22-2760 11 In 1 Screwdriver ECX
MIL48221901 48-22-1901 FASTBACK™ Flip Utility Knife
MIL48221500 48-22-1500 FASTBACK™ Compact Folding Utility Knife
Milwaukee M18 ROVER 2365-20 Cordless Mounting Flood Light(A)
Milwaukee 2161-21 Cordless USB Rechargeable Twist Focus Flashlight(B)


Item # MFG # Description
MIL236520 2365-20 M18™ ROVER™ Mounting Flood Light (A)
MIL236120 2361-20 M18™ ROVER™ Flood Light (Tool-Only)
MIL216121 2161-21 USB Rechargeable 1100L Twist Focus Flashlight (B)
MIL211421 2114-21 USB Rechargeable ROVER™ Pivoting Flood Light
MIL211121 2111-21 USB Rechargeable Hard Hat Headlamp
MIL211221 2112-21 USB Rechargeable ROVER™ Pocket Flood Light
MIL211321 2113-21 USB Rechargeable Pivoting Flashlight
MIL273520 2735-20 M18™ Work Light

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket P51-870 Titan Digital Manifold Kit Yellow Jacket

P51-87 TITAN Digital Manifold Kit

The flagship P51-870 TITAN features a 4.3" full color touchscreen graphic display with digital and graphical representation of pressure and temperature measurements. It also features on-board data logging and standard vacuum sensor and measurements (vacuum sensor included). A 4-pak of hoses is included as well as two temperature clamps and a backpack carrying case for safe storage.

Yellow Jacket YJACK 67070 Temperature Clamp Kit Yellow Jacket

YJACK Temperature Clamp Kit

Kit includes two YJACK™ Temperature Clamps, two YJACK DEW™. Psychrometers, and one YJACK PATH™. The YJACK™ provides wireless Bluetooth® measurements for surface temperature of pipes up to 1.25” diameter and has a flexible cable connection for easy access in small and difficult-to-reach areas.

Yellow Jacket YJACK 67071 Temperature and Humidity Kit Yellow Jacket

YJACK Temperature/Humidity Kit

Kit includes two YJACK™ Temperature Clamps and one YJACK PATH™. The YJACK™ provides wireless Bluetooth® measurements for surface temperature of pipes up to 1.25” diameter and has a flexible cable connection for easy access in small and difficult to reach areas.


Item # MFG # Description
RIEP51870 40840 P51-870 TITAN® Digital manifold Kit
RIE67070 67070 YJACK™ Temperture Clamp Kit
RIE67071 67071 YJACK™ Temperture/Humidity Kit
Yellow Jacket 42001 41 Manifold
Yellow Jacket


Item # MFG # Description
RIE42001 42001 3-1/8" Gauges w/o Hoses
RIE42004 42004 3-1/8" Gauges w/ 60" Hoses
Yellow Jacket 68802 Electronic Charging Scale
Yellow Jacket


Digital Electronic Charging Scale eliminates refrigerant transfer from tank to cylinder to system. The cylinder with refrigerant is weighed before and after charging. Charge directly into the system or recover from the system.

Item # MFG # Description
RIE68802 68802 110 Lb. Digital Charging Scale
Yellow Jacket PLUS II 21985 Standard Manifold Hose Set
Yellow Jacket


Item # MFG # Description
RIE21060 21060 Standard - 60" Yellow
RIE21260 21260 Standard - 60" Blue
RIE21660 21660 Standard - 60" Red
RIE21985 21985 Standard Pack - 60" RYB
RIE22060 22060 SealRight™ Low Loss - 60" Yellow
RIE22260 22260 SealRight™ Low Loss - 60" Blue
RIE22660 22660 SealRight™ Low Loss - 60" Red
RIE22985 22985 SealRight™ Low Loss - 60" RYB
RIE29060 29060 Compact Ball Valve - 60" Yellow
RIE29260 29260 Compact Ball Valve - 60" Blue
RIE29660 29660 Compact Ball Valve - 60" Red
RIE29985 29985 Compact Ball Valve - 60" RYB
Yellow Jacket YJII 93266 YJII Vacuum Pump Yellow Jacket

The YJII™ Vacuum Pump

The YJII™ Vacuum Pump from Yellow Jacket® is a compact, lightweight, portable and affordable pump for servicing small systems.

Yellow Jacket BULLET 93600 Single Phase Vacuum Pump Yellow Jacket

Bullet®X 7 CFM Vacuum Pump

Wide mouth oil reservoir port for easier, cleaner filling. The YELLOW JACKET® BULLET®X vacuum pump is a twostage rotary vane oil-sealed 7 CFM pump that pulls down to 25 microns or better.


Item # MFG # Description
RIE93266 93266 YJII® 5 CFM Vacuum Pump
RIE93600 93600 BULLET®X 7 CFM Vacuum Pump
Yellow Jacket ACCUPROBE II 69354 Handheld Refrigerant Leak Detector
Yellow Jacket


Accuprobe™ II Leak Detector has low, normal and high sensitivity levels with audible signals to quickly and easily pinpoint leaks. Approvals: SAE J2791, CE Marked, EN14624

Item # MFG # Description
RIE69354 69354 AccuProbe™ II Leak Detector
Yellow Jacket Omni 69020 Digital Vacuum Gauge With 1/4 in Coupler
Yellow Jacket


Omni Digitav Vacuum Gauge is an easy-to-use, compact vacuum gauge that is loaded with features and is rugged too. Made with high impact, glass reinforced housing, it survives moisture and accidental drops or attachment to a high pressure line.

Item # MFG # Description
RIE69086 69086 Handheld Vacuum Gauge
RIE69020 69020 OMNI™ 1/4" Digital Vacuum Gauge
Yellow Jacket SuperEvac 93092 Vacuum Pump Oil
Yellow Jacket


YELLOW JACKET Vacuum Pump Oil is specially refined and formulated for extremely low vapor pressure and high pump efficiency at all temperature conditions.

Item # MFG # Description
RIE93092 93092 Quart Of Vacuum Pump Oil (12/Case)


UEi Test Instruments C163 Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer(A)
UEi Test Instruments RLD15B Refrigerant Leak Detector(B)
UEi EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Kit With EM201B(C)
UEi DL389BCOMBO True RMS Dual Display Clamp Meter With Temperature and ATTPC3(D)
UEi Test Instruments CD100A Long Gooseneck Leak Detector(E)
UEi Test Instruments EM152 Dual Differential Digital Manometer(F)


Item # MFG # Description
UEIC163 C163 Residential/Commercial Comb. Analyzer w/ Pressure (A)
UEIC161 C161 Residential Combustion Analyzer
UEIRLD15B RLD15B Refrigerant Leak Detector w/ Solid Electrolyte Sensor (B)
UEIDL429B DL429B True RMS Wireless Clamp Meter w/ Differential Temperature
UEIEM201SPKIT EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Kit w/ EM201B (C)
UEIDL389BCOMBO DL389B-COMBO True RMS Clamp Meter w/ ATTPC3 (D)
UEIEM201B EM201B Dual Input Differential Digital Manometer
UEICD100A CD100A Long Neck Combustible Gas Leak Detector (E)
UEIDL389B DL389B Dual Display HVAC Clamp Meter w/ Temperature
UEIEM152 EM152 Dual Input Differential Digital Manometer (F)
UEIDTH35 DTH35 Digital Pocket Psychrometer
UEIPDT650 PDT650 Folding Digital Pocket Thermometer


Malco MSHC Reversible Dual-Sided Hex Chuck Driver

Quickly change between 1/4 in. and 5/16 in. hex sizes with Malco’s unique, exclusive, dual-sided magnetic hex drivers. The reversible hex socket fits over a 1/4-inch magnet-tipped, ball locking hex shaft, and can be quickly reversed to change sizes. Eliminate troublesome buildup of metal shavings in the hex tip with the “Easy Clean Magnet”. Just swipe with a glove or shop towel to clear any metal shavings. Tested torque of the reversible hex chuck driver design is equal to one-piece drivers.



Item # MFG # Description
MALMSHXLC MSHXLC 6" C-RHEX® Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers (1/4" and 5/16")
MALMSHMLC MSHMLC 4" C-RHEX® Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers (1/4" and 5/16")
MALMSHC MSHC 2" C-RHEX® Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers (1/4" and 5/16")
Malco HC1 Adjustable Standard Hole Cutter(A)
Malco C5R 5-Blade Pipe Crimpe(B)
Malco S2R Hand Seamer(C)
Malco TY6 High Leverage Auto Cut-Off Cable Tie Tensioning Tool(D)


Item # MFG # Description
MALHC1 HC1 HC1 Hole Cutter (A)
MALCB CB Replacement Bit For HC1
MALHC1B HC1B Pivot Pin Set For HC1
MALBHE12 BHE12 12" Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bit
MALBHE6 BHE6 6" Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bit
MALC5R C5R 5-Blade Sheet Metal Crimper (B)
MALS2R S2R Hand Seamers With Forged Jaws (C)
MALTY6 TY6 Tie Tensioning Tool With Auto Cut Off (D)
MAL12F 12F 12" Sheet Metal Folding Tool
MAL18F 18F 18" Sheet Metal Folding Tool
MAL24F 24F 24" Sheet Metal Folding Tool