Oasis Cooler to Bottle Filler Conversion Kit

Upgrade your drinking fountains to Oasis. This contactless bottle filler provides customers, employees or students the access to chilled water that they need in order to stay happy and healthy.

Oasis Flyer


Only from Oasis®

  • Converts existing Elkay® EZ and LZ coolers to a Touch-Free bottle filler
  • 6X faster fill rate
  • Convert more fountains due to conversion cost savings

Easy to Install

  • Utilizes existing cooler
  • Convert your unit in under 30 minutes
  • Easy access filtration

Reduced Footprint

  • No dead-space or tray to collect trash
  • Cleaner look

Less Complexity

  • Single SKU for easy ordering
  • Color matching not required
  • ADA Compliant

*See original manufacturer’s warranty as converting to this retrofit may deem it void.

The importance of hygiene has increased significantly in our world. Don’t let drinking fountains go unused because of these concerns. OASIS is rising to the challenge by providing products to keep people hydrated while promoting safe and hygienic spaces.