Uponor Kitting Services

Uponor Kitting Services on build site
Uponor Kitting Services kit bag on build site
Uponor Kitting Services kit bag
Uponor Kitting Services kit bag contents

Revolutionize Commercial Construction with Uponor Kitting Services

Simplify installations. Increase efficiencies. Boost productivity.

Take control of your jobsites with customized installation kits from Uponor – labeled by room! Uponor Kits provide coordinated packaging with essential ProPEX® fittings, rings, transitions, valves, stub outs, supports, and other components. Each kit includes a materials list, plan view, and 3D isometric drawing for a clear installation plan.

Uponor Kitting Services kit bag contents

Why Choose Uponor Kitting Services?

  1. Streamlined Installations: Get the exact number of products needed for each floor, ready to go!
  2. Boosted Efficiency: Eliminate searching, sorting, or counting – everything arrives conveniently packaged and organized.
  3. Accelerated Project Completion: Faster plumbing installations keep you ahead of schedule.
  4. Reduced Costs: Minimize errors, optimize labor, and avoid costly delays.
  5. Trusted Expertise: Backed by Uponor’s renowned quality and industry expertise.

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