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NEW Nov 2022

Order History

Order History Search Option

Search Order History by entering the email address (can partially match) of the person who placed the order in the NEW Placed By (Email) field. For online orders placed after November 16.

NEW Nov 2022

Job Name Entry Field

Tie multiple PO Numbers to a single job using the Job Name entry field located on the Checkout page next to the PO Number entry field. Use to help sort Order History.

Sep 2022

Promo Code Entry Process

To streamline the Checkout page, the promo code entry box is now hidden until you click the Have a Promotion Code? link.

Aug 2022

Total Ordered Display

Tax is now shown as a line list AND added to your merchandise total during checkout.

Aug 2022

Order History

Canceled Line Items Removed

To reduce confusion, canceled items no longer show in Order History Details.

Aug 2022

Order History

Find Returns in Order History

You can now filter your Order History Status to find returns for orders placed after July 28. In Search Orders, click the Status dropdown and select Returned.

July 2022


Email Delivery Improvements

We made changes to our email delivery configurations. These improvements will keep emails out of your Junk/SPAM folders.

June 2022

Quick-View Inventory Icons

New inventory icons give you an even faster way to see if something is  In Stock or  Out of Stock at Your Local Warehouse before you order.

June 2022

Checkout, Pick Up, & Delivery Improvements

Our updated Payment page is easier to navigate with clearly separated sections, you can now choose Delivery or Pick Up during checkout and tax now displays during checkout.

May 2022


Inventory in Cart and Lists

Thanks to our new inventory display feature, you can now see inventory counts for items in your Cart and in a List.

May 2022

My Lists

Exporting Lists

This feature gives you a fast way to save any List as a spreadsheet. When you open a List, you’ll now see an Export button – just click the button to download a csv file.

Apr 2022

Order History

Order History Partial Search

The Order #, and PO # fields in Order History will return results with 5 matching characters – exact matches are no longer required. (Click Search Orders to find the fields.)